TSC Turning Broadband Grant

into Gigahood for Ohio Customers

Ohio, U.S.A.


green and black computer motherboard

TSC-Hanson is using a $4.75 million grant to bring their broadband service to Hardin County. The grant was awarded in 2022 when Ohio Governor Mike Dewine announced a slate of new broadband projects that will make affordable, high-speed internet available to nearly 100,000 Ohio households that currently don’t have access to reliable internet connectivity.

The TSC project will affect more than 575 households. Construction for the project began in fall 2022 and is expected to be completed within two years. Crews will ultimately lay about 150 miles of fiber underground.

“Once the project is complete you can get 1 gig up and down,” said Lonnie Pedersen, TSC’s chief operation officer. “That’s why we brand it ‘GigaHood’ when we lay fiber like this.”

The total project is estimated to cost $5,443,000. TSC has committed an investment of $693,000 in addition to the grant’s $4.75 million. TSC will also be able to scale this project to support future growth in consumer and data demands.

While this is the first grant TSC has received, TSC has been serving Wapakoneta, Cridersville and surrounding areas in northwest Ohio since 1895. TSC is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art technology and services with an emphasis on customer care.

“It’s quite exciting to get a grant like this,” said Pedersen, adding that the company plans to continue applying for additional funds to continue expanding its ‘GigaHood’ service to more of its customers.