Ritter Communications

Provides Permanent Free Wi-Fi

Newport, Arkansas


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Ritter Communications is partnering with the Newport Economic Development Commission (NEDC) to provide free internet service through the innovative new RightFiber® WiFi Park. When completed, residents of Newport, Arkansas will be able to visit the park to access free high-speed wireless internet for their personal use.

The idea for the park was born out of the pandemic, according to NEDC Director Jon Chadwell, who recalls witnessing local students and residents struggling to complete their classwork or business online because of a lack of accessibility to reliable high-speed internet.

“We saw a real need within our community arise, and we’ve been amazed at the support we’ve received in addressing it,” said NEDC Director Jon Chadwell. “With the help of Ritter Communications, we’re creating the infrastructure that will ensure our citizens have remote access to high-quality wireless internet in a safe outdoor environment.”

Newport’s mayor and Chamber approached Ritter Communications, headquartered in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and serving more than 100 communities across four states, after the company announced plans to expand its industry-leading RightFiber services to the Newport community.

“Ritter Communications is proud to partner with the Newport community in providing unique and creative solutions that support broader access to essential tools and connectivity,” said Ritter Communications President & CEO Alan Morse. “This park will help ensure the residents and businesses of Newport are able to reliably access high-quality internet and stay connected.”

The park, located in a lot next to the community library, includes more than forty regular and handicap parking spots, shaded picnic table areas and, of course, free WiFi. The park’s WiFi services are an extension of the library’s current public WiFi network that will now be powered for free by Ritter’s RightFiber service.