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Nebraska, U.S.A.


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In 1917, Father Edward Flanagan began more than a century of commitment to helping children in need through an organization now known nationally as Boys Town. Occupying its own village outside Omaha, Nebraska, the organization welcomes boys and girls; includes the Boys Town National Research Hospital, a nationally recognized treatment center; operates a National Hotline; and touches the lives of more than two million people annually.

Great Plains Communications is proud to help this cause by providing vital technology resources. With nine sites across the nation that have services and programs ranging from hospitals to residential family homes to behavioral health clinics, Boys Town relies on a fast, reliable and secure fiber network to continue work as one of the leading nonprofit childcare agencies in the U.S.

Boys Town needed a low latency, cost effective and high-performing fiber Internet provider to connect the two main headquarter hospitals in Omaha and provide large transport bandwidth between them. Great Plains Communications quickly delivered a complete solution.

“Great Plains Communications could provide a more flexible solution for Boys Town than other carriers,” said Christopher Wren, Sr. Vice President of Information Technology, Boys Town. “Due to rapid growth of our facilities, Great Plains Communications was also able to start the project, build fiber routes, install equipment and complete the project more quickly.”

Through this successful technology partnership, Great Plains Communications is helping Boys Town keep their families and facilities connected while extending their reach to more children and families through fast, reliable fiber-driven services.