DUO Expands Rural Fiber Access

with Help from State Grants

Kentucky, U.S.A.


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Thanks to DUO Broadband’s investment – and two state grants totaling more than $4,000,000 – the rural Kentucky community of Jabez and parts of Casey County will soon be getting fiber internet service.  Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear announced the grants as part of his Better Kentucky Plan, with investments across the state to expand high-speed internet to more than 34,000 Kentucky families and businesses.

“On behalf of our employees, our board of directors, and everybody involved, we just want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” said Tom Preston, DUO Broadband, in a statement sent to the governor to express his appreciation.

The $6.7 million project will bring much-needed broadband access to more than 850 people in Jabez and Casey County.

“I can’t tell you what an impact that has on people’s lives, for remote healthcare, remote learning, just a better quality of life,” said Preston. “We take great pride in that.”

DUO is proud of its rural history and has been operating in rural Kentucky since 1954.  The company was one of the first telecoms to deploy a fiber optic network, beginning more than two decades ago, and now provides state-of-the-art telephone service, high speed internet service and high-quality digital video services.