Consolidated Rolls Out

Coronavirus Call Center in 48 Hours

Texas, U.S.A.


green and black computer motherboard

When COVID-19 hit the state of Texas, Angelina County & Cities Health District (ACCHD) was quick to respond. They closed their offices and shifted to telemedicine and drive-by pickup of medications and supplies. At the same time, ACCHD committed to the local healthcare communities to create and staff a new call center – within three business days.

“On a Friday, I texted our IT department and said, ‘I need a call center by Tuesday,’” recalls Sharon Shaw, administrator of the Angelina County & Cities Health District. For the virus response, the health district would serve three counties: Angelina, Polk and San Augustine. To cover the phones, Shaw pulled in some of her own staff and put in calls to local hospitals for additional manpower.

The ACCHD IT team in turn reached out to its longtime communications partner, Consolidated. Through Consolidated, the clinic already had dedicated internet access, and ProConnect unified communications. To support a new call center, Consolidated added more unified communications platform seats, a new dedicated phone number and more VoIP phones. By noon on Monday, the Coronavirus Call Center was up and running, ready to accept calls. About a week after the Coronavirus Call Center went live, the county reported its first positive COVID-19 case. In its first six weeks, the call center fielded more than 2,500 calls.

“From a Friday to a Monday morning, we pulled together a call center for a three-county area,” Shaw says. “I appreciate Consolidated’s response to me as a customer. I really do believe that swift response helped us get out ahead of COVID-19 where we had a system and plans in place to make sure the community was cared for.”

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