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At Brightspeed, we believe the internet equals opportunity for people and businesses alike. For those living in rural and many suburban communities, quality high-speed connectivity options have historically been few or non-existent. To bridge this digital divide, every American needs access to fast, reliable and affordable internet and Wi-Fi.

Launched in October 2022 by three telecom industry experts with decades of experience, Brightspeed embarked on a journey to provide millions of Americans access to gig-speed connectivity. With assets acquired from Lumen, our company footprint reaches rural and suburban communities in 20 states. 

As the nation’s fifth-largest Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC), our aim is to transform the network with a $2 billion investment to deploy high-speed fiber broadband reaching more than 3 million homes and business. This multi-year plan is only possible as we emerge as a new and different kind of internet service provider — one with a fresh approach to doing business in our industry.

“When we launched Brightspeed, we knew we wanted to invest in creating a no-nonsense telecom company,” said Bob Mudge, Brightspeed CEO. “A year later, we are proud of our refreshingly simple and transparent approach to supporting our customers and the response we’ve received so far. Embracing this company culture, our people are helping us deliver every day and are hyper-focused on our purpose of building a future where more communities can benefit from a more connected life.”

We’ve only been a company for one year, and in that short time we have made significant progress in our Brightspeed Fiber Internet build. We are actively building our fiber broadband network in 17 states, and we are actively selling high-speed internet service in portions of 13 states. 

What does that mean for residents and business owners who now have access to Brightspeed Fiber Internet? It means they now can have internet connectivity with super-fast capabilities, and symmetrical upload and download speeds that enable multi-device households to connect, work, study, stream, communicate and game super-responsively and reliably.  

“After over 16 years of the worst internet, we just got Brightspeed Fiber installed. We went with the 1gig plan as we have three kids and lots of electronics,” said Julie, a Brightspeed customer. “It has made a huge difference in our lives, and it’s only been a week. We were honestly looking at moving into the city for better service but are loving our perfect internet out here in the country.” 

Over the past year, Brightspeed has transformed our customer experience by decreasing answer times in the customer sales call center by 75 percent and reducing the average time between a customer’s call for repair until the repair is completed to under 48 hours. Additionally, between the last quarter of 2022 and the second quarter of 2023, we’ve improved our American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) score by 25 percent. The key drivers of improvement include overall reliability, performance and website satisfaction.

If we’ve done this much in just a year, just imagine what Brightspeed can do in the years to come.