altafiber’s Long Time Partnership

with Taft High School

Cincinnati, Ohio


photo of city

altafiber comes from a long, rich and proven history of serving communities through technological innovation and transformation. Incorporated in 1873, altafiber was the first company in Cincinnati to provide direct communication between the city’s homes and businesses, originally providing telegraph services. Fast-forward to today: altafiber is a technology company delivering integrated communications solutions over a fiber-optic network, including high-speed Internet, video, voice and data. 

As altafiber expands its fiber network, the company is dedicated to elevating education and enabling digital equity by providing students with access to high speed Internet connectivity and resources they may not have access to otherwise. By the numbers, altafiber has logged 3,000 hours of mentorship, 25,000 internship hours, 6,000 volunteering hours and more than $1.5 million in financial support.

“altafiber is invested. They’ve been investing since day one, and when you have a partnership for 20 years, that speaks volumes.”
Ceair Baggett, principal, Taft High School 

One example is altafiber’s more than 20 year partnership with Taft Information Technology High School. The mission of this local Cincinnati high school is to graduate young people who are prepared to meet the challenges of the future through higher education and the world of work.

"I want to make sure we provide the best education possible for our students, regardless of their background and barriers they're having," says Ceair Baggett, Taft High School principal. Baggett has a unique perspective, as he is a former Taft student – and also turned his altafiber internship into a career with the company before returning to Taft as principal.

altafiber provides access to technology and resources, including a scholarship for seniors, technology support, tuition support and other donations.  

“altafiber is invested. They’ve been investing since day one, and when you have a partnership for 20 years, that speaks volumes,” says Baggett.