Alaska Communications Launches

High Speed Fiber Network

Anchorage, Alaska


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Recognizing that how people use the internet has fundamentally changed, Alaska Communications launched a new fiber-to-the-premises service in Alaska during 2022. Using cutting-edge fiber optic communication technology, “Alaska Communications Fiber®” delivers ultra-low latency, symmetric 2.5 gigabit per second fiber-optic network connectivity directly to select homes and businesses. 

For Anchorage bed and breakfast owner Kathryn Deal (pictured), having slow internet is a matter of having guests – or no guests.  

“Oftentimes, the first thing guests ask when they’re checking in is, ‘what’s your Wi-Fi password,’” said Deal. “Even when people are on vacation, they need reliable connectivity. It’s important to my business and my guests. My new fiber service has been a game-changer.”

With the increase in remote work and homeschooling, many families now have multiple simultaneous users doing video conferencing, gaming and content streaming. Fiber to the home provides the highest speed, lowest latency internet currently available in the world. 

“The future is fiber and that’s our focus,” said Mark Ayers, chief technology officer at Alaska Communications. “The way people use the internet has fundamentally changed. This means that the way the internet is delivered also needs to change. Faster speeds, lower latency and higher reliability along with more choices – that’s what we’re bringing to our community in Alaska.” 

Alaska Communications is using a combination of microtrenching and aerial fiber to build this network. Microtrenching is a new, faster and more cost-effective approach to lay fiber without damaging or disrupting existing infrastructure. Using a saw blade, technicians cut a slit in the asphalt, lay the fiber ducting and pave over it.